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Brands spend an immense amount of time and money creating ads with their marketing team and advertising agencies. In many cases consumers just hate ads and they just want to see what their friends are up to. That’s when we realized that it's all about the customer’s opinion of a brand not what the ads say. We realized there was a huge opportunity to “DISRUPT” the $140B digital advertising industry.

Worth has built software that empowers consumer businesses to identify & convert their customers into marketers. We've built a Proprietary Search engine on social media platforms that c...

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Los Angeles, CA

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February 05, 2021
April 30, 2021
Valuation Cap

Use of Proceeds


  • 33% Technology - $99,000
  • 28% Sales - $84,000
  • 23% Operations - $69,000
  • 10% marketing - $30,000
  • 6% We-funder - $18,000 


  • 34% Technology (hire 3 more developers) - $363,800
  • 35% Sales (hire 2 more account executives) - $374,500
  • 15% Operations - $160,500
  • 10% marketing - $107,000
  • 6% We-funder - $64,200


Patrick Kim
Founder at Worth Network Inc
Product focused entrepreneur Product Manager at WAX Attended MIT and RISD Product Manager at MIT Media Lab MEL
I firmly believe that people are more likely to be convinced to do something based on what their friends say than based on an ad. Worth of Mouth has historically been the best way to sell someone.

Aditya Mitra Co-Founder at Worth Network Inc
Worked as Analyst at Lead Angels Financial and Recruitment Consulting roles for Startups Reviewed 100+ companies, made 10+ investments

Eric Oliver
Head of Sales
- Sales at Toast for 3 years from Series B to $3B valuation - University of Michigan Alumni

Yash Agarwal CTO
- Founder of Nurture Labs - Attended IIT Bombay

Vivek Ajage Front-end Lead
- Front End Lead at Logiqids - 3+ years experience

Rehan Khan User Growth & Operations
- Client Manager at India Bulls Pvt Ltd - 3+ years in Client Management & Operations

Deal Perks

  • $1,000+ Free month of Worth including 100 free stories.
  • $10,000+ Free 3 months of worth including 300 free stories. Discounted rates for referred clients. Monthly Updates from our CEO.

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Key Deal Facts

20x revenue growth in first 5 months
1000s of social media posts @ the click of a button
Created over 20,000 unique Instagram stories from customers
Product Market Fit validation with over 400 businesses
Raised $500,000+ from angels & VC investors. (The Ventures Korea, Electric Ventures, Strikers Ventures)
Solidified API partnerships with Facebook and Instagram
Lucrative exit opportunities through agencies & digital media companies (not guaranteed)