Haint Blue®

Haint Blue®

The official drink of the human spirit.™

Security Type
Convertible Note
Consumer Goods & Products
Min Investment
Mobile, AL
Offering Date
January 29, 2021
Expected Close Date
May 21, 2021
Target Raise

Company Description

At Haint Blue, everything we do, we believe in adding beauty to life. We are guided by the desire to inspire & the belief that we have a responsibility to contribute to society. We add beauty to life by creating products that are unique pieces of art, sharing stories that awaken the spirit, and helping make the human condition more palatable. We just happen to produce great drinks. 

Key Deal Facts

Founded by a Ranger, MEDEVAC Pilot, and 160th SOAR (A) Aviator
Certified B Corporation since 2019
$1M in sales since launch
#1 selling craft beer in 2018 within our Mobile Area distributor's portfolio.
Mobile's "Favorite Craft Beer" in 2020

Use of Proceeds


This level of funding allows us to pursue the future. We'll launch a non-alcoholic e-commerce brand, launch another core beer, hire a part-time sales team, & have a greater impact for good. 6.5% Wefunder fees, 31% will be used towards inventory (3/4 allocated to DOSE Saffron Water), 40.5% Sales & Operations (e.g. hire a part-time X 2 sales team plus 6 months of current burn), 10% towards current debt, & 12% marketing & advertising (e.g. $2000 a month on targeted ads via Amazon & Instagram over the next 6 months). Adjustments to inventory numbers will be made as aluminum cans become more available and our turnover ratios grow. The remaining 1/4 of inventory will be used to help launch a new core beer, Cain & Kazoola, throughout Mobile & Alabama. I believe that in six months' time the sales team will at a minimum pay for itself. No matter, in 6 months' time it is likely that our sales and advertising budgets will adjust based on performance / ROI. management reserves the right to adjust in order to better benefit the company & its goals for growth.


In addition to the min. funding: This level of funding allows Haint Blue to convert a part-time team to a full-time leader. We'll have the capital to finance inventory with growth, be in a position to advertise across markets, and shed some short-term debt. We'll also seek to meet our partners across the globe and create our own content/culture. 6.5% Wefunder fees, 40% will be used towards inventory (min. 4/5 allocated to DOSE Saffron Water), 28.5% Sales & Operations (e.g. covert a part-time team-member to full-time, plus 6 months of current burn), 18% towards current debt, & 7% marketing and advertising (e.g. $2500 a month on targeted ads via Amazon & Instagram over the next 6 months, radio ad on NPR).

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Keith Sherrill
William & Mary MBA, Stanford GSB Ignite Venture Project, Mobile Bay Magazine's 40 under 40, and a Bunker Labs Veteran In Residence
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