A Biologist's Journey to Fight Allergies Led to the Invention of AllerPops. AllerPops safely and naturally support a balanced immune system around the airway by feeding the beneficial oral probiotics that calm down the immune system.

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January 29, 2021
April 30, 2021
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Cliff Han Founder and CEO
Dr. Han, a biologist for 28 years and a former medical doctor. He is a scientist and also has the heart of an entrepreneur. He invented AllerPops out of necessity and has been perfecting it during the market test in the last two years.
The founder and his son suffered from allergies. Being a biologist, he wanted to provide a solution and began researching the cause of airborne allergies.

Mandy Marksteiner Market Strategist
Mandy Marksteiner is a copywriter and marketing strategist who works with small business owners. She is currently earning her master’s degree in strategic communications from Penn State University.

Joe Hipple Strategic and Finance Advisor
Joe Hipple is the founder of F.E.A. | Strategies Group that provides expert advice to Entrepreneurs, startups, Early Stages, and SME’s. He’s been involved in raising over $370 Million Dollars in startup and expansion funds.

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Key Deal Facts

The founder has 28 years of research experience in genetics, genomics, and microbiome.
Three years of allergy suffering and research identified two bacteria causing his allergies.
Two pieces of AllerPops reinforced his probiotics and returned life to normal.
We have three patents issued from USPTO and filed five international patent applications.
Five thousand customers are satisfied with the efficacy of 94.5%.
AllerPops has generated more than $120K revenue during the product development and market test.
Fifty million allergy sufferers in the US alone await to hear this good news.
Three hundred million people in the US can use AllerPops to prevent allergies.