We believe technology should work for restaurants, instead of restaurants working for tech companies.

We give restaurants the innovative tech tools & force they need to gain power and thrive.

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Reno, NV

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February 16, 2021
April 30, 2022
Deal Structure

Price Per Share: $1.00

Use of Proceeds


  • 60% will go to sales and new restaurant setup. 15% will go to development of platform enhancements. 17.5% will go to platform operations and general business expenses. 7.5% will go to WeFunder fees.


  • 73% will go to sales and new restaurant setup. 15% will go to platform operations and general business expenses. 4.5% will go to printer and table purchases for restaurant installations. 7.5% will go to WeFunder fees.


Ralph Burleson, Chief Executive Officer
Ralph is a serial entrepreneur with broad management experience in technology and international business. In 2000 he was part of a joint Microsoft & Accenture team who formed Avanade ($2.8B revenue in 2019)

Julie Campbell, Chief Operating Officer
Julie is a global manager, leader & certified coach with 14+ years dedicated to social impact and responsible business. Knack for partnerships & org. design. Led Oxfam & Unilever’s global initiative to unlock opportunities for women.

Ken Irvine Chief Hospitality Officer
Hospitality consultant with 28+ years of experience in the industry. Restaurant Chef/Owner. Past President & Director of California Restaurant Association (San Diego Chapter). Only restaurateur to win “Chef of the Year” & “Restaurateur of the Year”.

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Key Deal Facts

$160 Billion global market is ripe for platform / technology disruption.
Dine.Direct is growing fast. Over 60% M/M growth for the last 6 months.
Executive team with over 85 years combined experience in technology, hospitality and organization.
Global team of over 50 people with a low cost footprint.
We exist to give control of online ordering back to restaurants and the communities they serve.