The World Needed Faster, Less Expensive Internet  Infrastructure, So We Created It !

First, we invented a new photonics chip architecture

Back in 2011, John Joseph, CEO and Founder, invented a device that can send massive amounts of data through the air over long distance. It was very inexpensive, light weight, and small;  oh, and it used much less energy to send this massive amount of data. 

A brief “tech” comment, his patented method produces an array of near infra-red light emitting VCSEL’s (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) on a single chip t...

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Albuquerque, NM

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Common Stock
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February 24, 2021
April 30, 2021
Deal Structure

Price per Share: $2.00

Use of Proceeds


  • 37.5% engineering hires
  • 10% operations hires
  • 10% marketing hires
  • 35% development and testing
  • 7.5%: Wefunder intermediary fee


  • 27.5% engineering hires
  • 15% operations hires
  • 15% marketing hires
  • 12.5% development and testing
  • 17.5% Minimally Viable Product (MVP)
  • 5% pre-production planning)
  • 7.5%: Wefunder intermediary fee


John Joseph
Over 20 issued patents on electro-optic photonics devices some that produce world record performance from a tiny light emitting chip set to disrupt wireless communications

Mathis Shinnick
Turning companies into global industry leaders by focusing on Strategy, Structure, People; working as a team making workforce development and operational efficiency paramount: my commitment to OptiPulse.

Dr. Jim Lott Chief Technical Officer CTO
World record Epitaxial designs for Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers and arrays. Multiple patents. Was Professor at Technical University of Berlin

Matt Block Dir. Optoelectronics
An innovator in the design, test, and manufacture of high-speed optoelectronics, committing to OptiPulse 20 yrs of success bringing to market 10Gb – 100Gbs optical transceiver modules, high-power (>1000W) laser arrays, flip-chip bond laser assemblies

Shoshi Bacon
Dir. Connectivity
Pioneer and innovator of online connectivity, Former Owner-System Operator of a dial-up Bulletin Board System that developed into an internet gateway, early adopter and investor in blockchain technology, small business coach and tech investor.

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Key Deal Facts

Be on the ground floor with the broadband solution; improving 4G, enabling 5G and developing 6G.
Proof of Concept completed and tested, customer acquired, MVP Alpha 1 in design phase.
Unique, revolutionary IP, 8 issued patents, 6 provisional patents and multiple foreign filings.
Technology being proven with NSF and US DoD grants, development underway.
Developing Low-cost, quick installation, high-speed solution for increased demand for broadband.
Raised $3.6M from rural telecoms, angels, research and community universities; join move to market.