Crowdfunding platform for alternative investments

Security Type
Crowd Note
Financial Services
Min Investment
Schaumburg, IL
Offering Date
March 06, 2021
Expected Close Date
June 04, 2021
Target Raise
Deal Notes

Discount: 20.0%

Rate: 4.0%

Term: 24 months

Company Description

Crowdfunding platform for alternative investmentsSupervest is an online, crowd-funding platform that allows accredited investors to tap into the high yield potential of Merchant Cash Advance (MCA).   We connect our high-quality community of investors with our stable of funding partners in order to provide working capital to small businesses across the United States.  The ability to invest, participate, or syndicate in this area has been traditionally reserved for the merchant cash advance companies and "insiders" of these companies.  We have leveraged our experience and knowledge of the industry with the power of our fully integrated platform to give our funding partners the ability to tap into a stream of  capital to fund qualified merchants.We have developed relationships with over a dozen funding firms that aim to provide hundreds of opportunities per month to our platform.  Our proprietary technology allows our investors to target the businesses, credit quality and terms of the opportunities they wish to participate in.  Additionally, our funding partners can tap into our data and use our artificial intelligence to help determine how to better price their deals.

Key Deal Facts

Participated in over 3,100 funding opportunities since inception
Provided over $15.5M in funding to small and medium businesses to date, with total expected payback (RTR) of over $22M
Achieved a 185% increase in funding to merchants from December 2020 to January 2021
Team of executives has over 100 years of combined experience building financial companies
Aims to be a leader in the democratization of the multi-billion alternative investments market

Use of Proceeds

  • Marketing
  • Operational
  • Technology
  • Business Development
  • General Corporate

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jay Morton
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Morton is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Supervest. Mr. Morton oversees all operational aspects of the company. Mr. Morton has worked in the lending space for over twenty (20) years and has owned and operated successful mortgage companies and an MCA company.

Kris Kehler
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Kehler is the Chief Technology Officer of the company and is the head of the technology and development. Mr. Kehler is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DebtPayPro and Debt Pay Gateway, a SaaS application for origination, debt servicing and settlement in the consumer and business financial industries.  

Chris Queen
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Queen is the Chief Operating Officer of Supervest. Mr. Queen has been a leader in the alternative finance industry for over ten (10) years. Mr. Queen is the Co-Founder and CEO of DebtPayPro and Debt Pay Gateway, Inc. DPG is one of the largest dedicated account management companies in the debt relief industry and has managed accounts for hundreds of thousands of clients and delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement payments on behalf of its clients.

Deal Notes

Discount: 20.0%

Rate: 4.0%

Term: 24 months

Amount Raised : $530,731
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Security Description

A Crowd Note modifies the typical convertible note so that the crowd does not automatically convert to equity shareholders on the next financing and remain off the issuer’s capitalization table, but the crowd will still participate in any exit as if they had converted to equity. If there is no future financing, the holders of the Crowd Note still have upside, but could miss out significantly.

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