Marketplace connecting brands and diverse brand ambassadors for culturally relative content and insights

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Preferred Stock
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Monee, IL
Offering Date
March 06, 2021
Expected Close Date
June 04, 2021
Target Raise
Deal Notes

Price per Share: $4.32374 

Option Pool: 15.0%

Liquidation Preference: 1.0x


Company Description

Marketplace connecting brands and diverse brand ambassadors for culturally relative content and insightsSwayBrand believes that connecting brands to the originators of cultural trends and movements can cultivate equity in culture and breadth of brand impact.Black American culture drives trends, impacts buying decisions, and moves the needle for brands, on a global scale. To date, multicultural and diverse creators have not properly captured the economic value of their creativity, cool and influence — their sway.At the same time, most brands lack the cultural intelligence and devotion necessary to produce authentic, relevant, and impactful content; and therefore need access to multicultural creators. SwayBrand , built by Black founders and managed by Black executives, is facilitating that connection.Our platform houses a  two-sided digital marketplace that bridges the access gap between brands and creators by building authentic partnerships. These partnerships give brands access to exclusive, culturally relevant content, insights and data from The Culture. SwayBrand provides brands a combination of benefits including:Exclusive Insights + ContentAuthentic content and cultural data and insights that look to unlock the immense buying power of diverse audiences and allows brands to grow with the speed of culture.Agile Cultural AccessConnection to a marketplace of multicultural creators to establish relationships that allow agility in developing content. Content authentically flows with The Culture and profoundly impacts your brand relevance and reach.Premium TalentA quality over quantity model. SwayBrand's brand ambassadors, or "Authentikas" are vetted and approved by our team to ensure authenticity and quality of content and impact.

Key Deal Facts

Signed contract with Conagra Brands, opening up engagement opportunities across their 70 consumer brands
NFLPA Startup Pitch Competition winner in January 2020, and signed partnership with NBA Legends (the National Basketball Retired Players Association)
Key investors include Michael Alter (Chicago Sky), Mike Gamson (Relativity), and J Schwan (Kin + Carta)
Established partnership with Shipbob, yielding access to a sales channel with over 5,000 DTC brands
Connecting brands with data insights and a diverse talent pool co-founded by a computer engineer executive and former NFL athlete

Use of Proceeds

  • Product Development
  • Sales Development
  • Marketing Reach
  • Personnel
  • General & Admin

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Horace L. Flournoy
Co-Founder & CEO
Horace visualizes, builds and grows creative business models. "Give back and Lift as you Climb."

Israel Idonije
Israel Idonije played in the National Football League for 11 years. He is the founder of iF Charities (formerly the Israel Idonije Foundation) and a successful entrepreneur. Idonije embodies the phrase "Dream Big!" He believes anyone can achieve great things in life.

Deal Notes

Price per Share: $4.32374 

Option Pool: 15.0%

Liquidation Preference: 1.0x

Amount Raised : $323,988
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