Mountain West Cider

Mountain West Cider

Award-winning hard apple cider in the mountain west region

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Common Stock
Food & Bev
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Salt Lake City, UT
Offering Date
March 22, 2021
Expected Close Date
September 14, 2021
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Deal Notes

Price Per Share: $1.00


Company Description

Mountain West Cider (MTN WST) is the first dedicated cidery in Utah, responsibly producing award-winning hard apple cider in the mountain west region. Using only the finest ingredients, MTN WST strives to craft the highest quality ciders, while maintaining the highest standards of production practices.

Key Deal Facts

Mountain West has experienced significant revenue growth since inception, and is the most purchased craft cider in Utah, second only to the top-selling cider brand in the United States
Mountain West has been voted SLC City Weekly Utah's Best Cider for 5 consecutive years and have won numerous national and international awards over the years
Cider retail sales revenue is 10x what it was 10 years ago and regional/local cider brands like ours make up 1/3 of cider retail sales

Use of Proceeds

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Joel Goodwillie, Chief Cider Maker
Joel Goodwillie came to Mountain West with literal decades of experience under his belt and more importantly a talent for the science that is required to balance flavor and texture. Joel hasn't met a fruit that he can't ferment, his wealth of knowledge and skill are to credit for the creation of our principal lines of cider and all of the special editions that we release.

Larissa (Laci) Brown, Sales Director
Laci has run the sales for Mountain West Hard Cider from day one, and we have her to thank for the fact that our cider is in almost all of the state-run liquor stores, as well as establishments in every county in Utah.
Laci's tireless work to represent our brand in every corner of the market possible has shown us that it truly does matter who you know, and lucky for us Laci has developed strong connections with a multitude of business owners and creators in the region. Her deep-reaching knowledge of the sales world coupled with her roots in the Salt Lake area goes hand in hand with our growth.

Fathom Croteau, Marketing Director
Fathom joined our team mid-pandemic last year after nearly a decade behind the bar in Salt Lake City. Her time as a manager and craft cocktail bartender brings a unique insight into our operation. Not only is she well-versed in the world of spirits and how they relate to Utah service laws, but she's cultivated a community of industry professionals with who we collaborate to bring excellent programming to the area

Jeff Carleton, CEO/Founder
After 35 years of senior executive experience and success in the financial services world, Jeff and his wife Jennifer opened Mountain West Hard Cider Co., in Salt Lake City, UT in 2015.
Jeff's passion for sourcing the finest local ingredients is reflected every day in Mountain West's sessional and artisan award-winning hard apple ciders. Jeff's dedication to the Utah community is demonstrated through the company's participation in the state's Utah's Own program.
Jeff's experience in the financial services world combined with Mountain West's award-winning ciders has resulted in the company experiencing significant growth since 2015. Jeff plans to expand Mountain West Hard Cider Co. into adjacent states while continuing to emphasize quality, growth, and service engagement.

Deal Notes

Price Per Share: $1.00

Amount Raised : $81,716
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