100x cheaper battery to stop Climate Change

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Energy, Technology, Infrastructure, Hardware, Moonshots, Science
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Austin, TX
Offering Date
March 23, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
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Price Per Share: $1.00

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Company Description

We are enabling our world to live on solar and wind energy alone. And it's cheaper than all fossil fuels.

A 100% renewable energy world used to be impossible. We designed a long-duration battery that is so cheap that it makes 100% renewables cheaper than coal, gas, and nuclear. Our team with 2 PhDs raised a $500K pre-seed from Y Combinator, DCVC, and more.

Use of Proceeds


  • 60% Payroll, 13.25% contractors (mechanical/electrical engineering expertise and consulting), 13% administrative expenses, 10% lab + office space, 3.75% Wefunder fee


  • 43% Payroll, 23% equipment including machining and prototypes, 13% contractors, 10.75% administrative expenses, 6.5% lab + office space, 3.75% Wefunder fee

Key Deal Facts

$50B/year Total Addressable Market
The world needs 2.4 PWh (2.4 million GWh) of storage by 2050
Most of those 2.4 PWh require batteries that are 100x cheaper than today
We are building the only 100x cheaper battery that can scale
Y Combinator alum, $500k raised, 2 PhDs from top French unis

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