Oxford Hounds

Oxford Hounds

My name is James Tulin and I am the Founder and CEO of Oxford Hounds. We are a Direct to Consumer ONLY men's luxury apparel and accessories company that applies advanced technologies in concert with our teams 50+ years of experience to address a significant problem facing the male luxury consumer in a massive $750B vertical; men detest shopping in stores.

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Scottsdale, AZ

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March 24, 2021
April 30, 2022
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  • 30% for Inventory, 30% for Marketing, 33.5% for Working Capital & 6.5% for Wefunder intermediary fee


  • 16% Inventory, 16% Product Development, 6.5% Wefunder intermediary fee, 46% Working Capital & 15.5% Misc. & Related Expenses


James Tulin, CEO
35 years experience in this exact space as CPO, Principal & Director of Swank believed to be the worlds largest men's and ladies accessories company. Responsible for product development & driving sales growth and profits in excess of $170M annually.
The global mens luxury apparel and accessories market is $750B with the majority of products found in retail stores. By eliminating the middleman provides the opportunity to offer superior product at well below market prices while solving the male luxury customers greatest pain-point which is their intense dislike for shopping in brick and mortar.

Jim Tulin, COO & President
Pioneered the introduction & employment of social media marketing to a massive financial sector that had never considered or embraced using digital engagement to reach its customer base. Expert in social media marketing and customer acquisition.

Alex Tulin, CMO
15+ years experience in Product Development, Packaging and Branding of multiple product classifications in our space. Served as product development & trend director as well as brand liaison to Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger & Guess for Swank Inc.

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Key Deal Facts

Our team has a combined 50+ year track record of success & unrivaled experience in this exact space
Our prior NASDAQ firm Swank Inc was believed to be the world's ?largest men's accessories company
We offer a superior value proposition by crafting all products from Italian ?? materials and ?? workmanship
70%➕margins on ALL superior quality handcrafted products with NO middleman to share profits with
We are direct to consumer ONLY whereas most competitors are tied to brick & mortar for the bulk of their revenue
We employ a proprietary digital marketing platform that has already produced $350M in consumer sales
Our brand has massive Global reach. Luxury apparel & accessories revenue generated globally is $750B
We believe we are the only direct to consumer ONLY men's luxury apparel and accessories company