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Entertainment, Service Businesses, Sports & Fitness, Community & Lifestyle
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Lewes, DE
Expected Close Date
September 29, 2024
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Key Deal Facts

$1M in total funding & term sheets ($500K closed)
Paid corporate wellness pilot with Oracle
10K users across 500+ cities & 65 countries
Advised by execs from Map My Run, Strava, Pokemon Go, Zynga, and Adidas
Partnerships with Austin & Cleveland Marathon, Road Runners Club of America, and 4 dozen run clubs
$5K in revenue
Featured on Running Insights, Running USA, TRE, RRCA, and several running publications
Integrates with Strava, Garmin & Apple Health

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Destin Bell CEO, Co-Founder - Created & operated 6-figure content creator business, contracted by the NBA, Old Spice, McDonalds, and more
- Acquired & managing 2 rental units in Austin, Texas
- Ran marketing company with contracts with Breakout Games, SkyZone, and Lyft, Max MirandaCo-Founder, CTO- Co-founder of startup that raised $3.4M. Helped them grow to $200K ARR
- Helped publish 8 apps in college
- Former Linkedin iOS engineer, Nirav Patel CPO- Created the entire UI/UX design of the current product
- Venture for America Fellow
- Launched 2 products in college
- Franchisee of 10 Roll Em Up Taquitos restaurants in Knoxville, TN and Louisville, KY
Amount Raised : $65,201
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