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KAIYO Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

KAIYO Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

Vision Plans to expand the Kaiyo brand into other major markets.Through the second opening of KAIYŌ, we will aim to become an institutional food, beverage, and lifestyle brand in San Francisco. Restaurants are no longer just a place to have a meal. Today, customers are looking to their favorite restaurants as the inspiration for an aesthetically pleasing, culturally relevant lifestyle.Our focus in the first 3 years is to achieve the financial goals, develop and perfect our SOPs, and continue to better our brand. With these accomplishments, we will seek to expand the KAIYŌ brand in year 3-...

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San Francisco, CA

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Food & Bev
March 30, 2021
April 16, 2021


John Park, Founder

Seana Horrobin, Director of Events

Alex Reccio, Executive Chef

Marc Bruschera, CPA

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Key Deal Facts

Named 1 of 17 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings in SF by Eater’s 2018
Projected annual income of $7M with $1.4M Net Profits
Investors receive 90% of the profits until ROI. 60% equity to investors
Rooftop space features breathtaking views of SF downtown (DT) skyline
Located across the street from SF Giants stadium in newly built Hyatt Hotel
Unique concept and cuisine - Nikkei Cuisine (Japanese & Peruvian)
Managed by an experienced operator with existing successful venues in SF