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Proof In Recovery

Proof In Recovery

The historical lack of investment coupled with poorly designed software has created the opportunity for incredible innovation in the digital tools used to support patients and providers in substance use and eating disorder treatment. We took that opportunity to build a technology platform for patients, clinicians, and administrative staff that monitors and informs care because that's what our friends, family, and patients deserve.

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Chicago, IL

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March 31, 2021
June 29, 2021
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Zachary Ratliff, Tech & Data Guru
I walked away from a successful healthcare/actuarial consulting career to build a platform that could help people like my parents who struggled with addiction.

Deana Wilson, Administrative Ninja
Market CEO of a treatment program with over 10 years of experience in facility operations

Chris Schneider, Clinical Genius
CEO & Founder of Integrated Mind Institute and Associate Professor – SLU School of Psychiatry & Neurology

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Key Deal Facts

Founded by clinical, administrative, and insurance experts with prior entrepreneurial success.
A web portal and phone application that improve care, prove outcomes, and reduce the cost of care.
Platform designed for the needs of each substance use & eating disorder treatment stakeholders.
The only treatment modality agnostic technology solution designed for the entire care continuum.
Designed to help facilitate mental healthcare's move from fee-for-service to value-based-care.