DeoBioSciences, Inc.

DeoBioSciences, Inc.

DeoBioSciences (DBS) is a stealth mode, R&D stage, virtual biotech developing a cancer drug, based on a naturally occurring compound, that selectively kills both early and advanced stage cancer cells from humans and, potentially, dogs and cats as well.

We are reverse engineering the drug from anecdotal data and reports of human efficacy and safety from bioprospecting sources and also corroborating studies involving molecular homologues in humans and animals that further affirmed safety and efficacy projections. So far, our pre-clinical lab results have corroborated and met all our...

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Lilburn, GA

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Common Stock
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March 24, 2021
April 30, 2021
Deal Structure

Price Per Share: $50.00

Use of Proceeds

  • Pre-Clinical Drug Manufacturing 27.1%
  • Pre-Clinical animal trials/studies 22.9%
  • Payroll & Benefits 31.4%
  • R&D consultants/contractors 8.2%
  • Admin. Operations, Rent, IP & Legal, Miscellaneous 5.5%
  • Intermediary fees 4.9%



John F Adamson, Co-Founder, CEO, & President

Dr. H.G. Schmidt
Lead Cancer Research Scientist @ Cornell University

Dr. C.P. Wellstone
Veterinary Clinical Trial Lead Strategist and Scientist

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Key Deal Facts

Major biotechs and pharmas have confirmed, in writing, their interest in pursuing in-licensing or partnerships, upon the presentation of more positive data
Cornell University's top scientists, among others, are anxious to continue working with us to take our research to the next level
We're not a “one trick pony”-- our stealth tech has other potential applications that we will pursue to maximize our chances of success