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Hypnos Virtual

Hypnos Virtual

Virtual and Immersive Technologies have exploded and post-pandemic projections all point to increased use of immersive and virtual communications with a growing and Permanent Work-at-Home Culture. At-home media must now go beyond on-screen imagery and sound.

The Future of Media must do more than just “show-and-tell”, but also teleport us out of our homes and bring us to wherever we want to go.

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Little Rock, AR

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April 02, 2021
July 01, 2021
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Michael Kaczkowski, Founder, CEO
Innovative healthcare technology developer; built brick-n-mortar manufacturing operations, and distributed original tech throughout the world. Most proud of Scentscape, as it will make an even larger positive impact on the world.

David Moody, CMO
NASA Project Manager. Startup Innovator. Public Speaker. Sage. David has 30+ years of experience managing the brightest minds in the world, as well as working with leaders in Federal, State, and local governments.

Avery Gilbert, Scent Scientist
Dr. Gilbert is an Innovative sensory scientist with deep experience in applied research on human sense of smell. He is a recognized "household name" in the world of Aroma, being an author of many books, and an international speaker on the subject.

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Key Deal Facts

Multi-sensual "Disneyland-level" immersive media experiences for home audiences
Transforms your TV and Smart Devices into NeuroScience-based Immersive Technology
Core applications - TV, Movies, VR / AR, Games, Wellness, Uplift Mood, Virtual Travel, and more
Transform existing media libraries & new media creations into next level immersion experiences
Platform Technology with its own app store and business verticals
Revenue vertices: Machine Sales, Aroma Consumable Sales, & Tiered Software Subscriptions
Founder’s successes include development & distribution of innovative healthcare technologies
Hypnos invested $1M to develop on-demand Bioaroma technology, IP protection, and build prototypes.