Vegan Soul

Vegan Soul

Vegan Soul is a vegan food business that has robust choices for the entire family. The goal in creating Vegan Soul was to make vegan food more available and desirable. Mae Gaines, chef and owner, is changing what people think about vegan food by transforming just about any meal into an all plant-based version and prides herself on the motto “whatever you can cook, I can make it vegan”. Vegan Soul’s customers say that Mae's soul food is guilt-free. Not only does it help Mae's guests transition from eating meat but it also inspires a creative new way of cooking withou...

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Boise, ID

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Secured Loan
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Food & Bev
March 24, 2021
May 18, 2021
Deal Structure

Interest Rate 12.00%

 Payments Monthly, disbursed to investors quarterly

 Maturity 42 months 

Use of Proceeds

Food trailer, fully equipped with appliances $20,000-$40,000

Building a commissary kitchen $5,000


About the Owner
Mae Gaines
Mae Gaines is the sole owner of Vegan Soul in Boise, Idaho. After moving to Idaho and becoming vegan, the California native recognized there was a lack of vegan food in the Boise Idaho area, so she created Vegan Soul. Vegan Soul is the only vegan soul food business in the state. Since its first day of sales, Mae has won an award from PETA for being one of the best tastings in the nation for vegan soul food.

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