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VBit DC is a versatile trend-setter in the bitcoin mining industry and we want to make sure all its supporting pillars are strong, and all threats are removed to maintain ongoing stability. We are committed to using only the smartest solutions – most powerful mining equipment, latest renewable energy sources and efficient facilities with some of the cheapest electricity rates in the world.

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Philadelphia, PA

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April 03, 2021
July 02, 2021


Don Vo, CEO
Tech Entrepreneur, Early Bitcoing Adopter
Started my first business at the age of 13, and had a successful exit of over $1.6M by the age of 15. Took an interest in the cryptocurrency markets in 2015, and founded VBit Tech to help revolutionize the financial industry.

Jin Gao, VP of Growth
Entrepreneur, 15+ Years Real Estate Broker/Sales

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Key Deal Facts

We solved the biggest problems in the crypto mining industry: maintenance cost and carbon footprint
We currently mine (and hold) >$800K in BTC a month so we can utilize its any future price increases
Projected potential profit of our operations, based on current market conditions is over $3.3M/month
We ordered and secured over 4,000 Bitmain Antminer S19 and S19 Pro miners.
Our Montana mining facility is 100% powered by hydroelectricity, so it does not leave a carbon footprint at all.
Our current aggregate operating hash rate is >75 petahashes, and it's expected to be >412 petahashes
Our numbers will make us one of the largest and most profitable BTC mining operations in N. America.