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La Borra Cafe California

La Borra Cafe California

Vision Planning to open 201 locations in CaliforniaWith the support of investors and customers, La Borra Cafe will introduce 201 new locations in the 5 years. We plan to expand both in the at-home market and internationally, targeting San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angles, and other cities that are friendly to culture-driven, community-oriented coffee shops. 

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Berwyn, IL

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Food & Bev
April 16, 2021
April 16, 2021


Goretti Campbell, Investments Strategist & Partner California

Leon Reffreger, CEO & Founder

Juan Comparan, President & Founder

Alexei Sandoval, CMO & Founder

Dana Farbo, Advisor & California Partners

Mauricio Pérez Toscano, COO & Co-Founder

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Key Deal Facts

70+ locations in Mexico and 5 in the U.S.
Nominated for Best Franchisee of the World 2020
Nominated by The Economist as the "fastest-growing café in western Mexico"
Recipient of Adolf Horn Award Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
$47.5B+ total addressable market