Stars On Board Technologies

Stars On Board Technologies

Stars On Board has been an uncontested leader in engaging and providing highly anticipated entertainment events to communities all over the world. The Stars on Board events are geared towards those communities to come together for a festive break at sea or on land with the most renowned and recognized entertainers and stars. Marrying the luxury of upscale cruises and resorts with the delight of proximity to musical icons has created a new level of vacation.

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Los Angeles, CA

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Common Stock
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April 02, 2021
May 31, 2021
Deal Structure

Price Per Share: $0.32

Use of Proceeds

  • Hiring & Expansion 35.0%
  • General & Administrative 3.5%
  • Legal 2.5%
  • R&D - App & IT 15.0%
  • Marketing Expenses 39.1%
  • Intermediary fees 4.9%


Ray Fares
Founder, +27 years in IT, startups and technology. Worked for large US bluechip companies including GE, Oracle, SAP, and CA. Passionate about startups and social apps to generate value and scale business.

Youssef Harb
Co Founder, +30 years in entertainment and music industry in North America and Middle East. managed and run large shows and concerts for world’s best celebrities.

Jorge Sebastiao
International ICT speaker. Seasoned CTO, with blockchain, AI, IoT, and cybersecurity. +30 years experience in technical industry and products.

Rich Ashman
Entrepreneurial business leader with international experience & a global outlook. Crypto and Blockchain investor with a vision to build successful startups in APAC region.

Maya Taha
Community manager and marketing specialist. fluent in various languages. Experience in media and advertising and managing communities.

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Key Deal Facts

First release of the app for iOS and Android 2019
Pre-signed +100 A list of celebrities and influencers; +180M followers engaged with our pre-signed celebrities and influencers.
Strategic partnerships with talent agencies in Hollywood, Bollywood and Middle East (Dubai)
IP copyrights filed and accepted in 2018
Concept and revenue model validated by workshops.
Strong and experienced business advisors to advise, manage and scale the business