Emerging coaches across the globe lack a ready solution to launch their courses and programs as a business. LiveMasterminds (LMM) is a global marketplace technology platform and an ecosystem that empowers coaches to be bold and embark on their entrepreneurship journey. We help them to launch and scale their service-based businesses to maximize their individual and collective impact.

The exponential growth in demand for learning and development is global and LiveMasterminds opens up the possibility for coaches to engage worldwide in countries where reliable power and internet is availa...

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April 01, 2021
June 01, 2021
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  • Technology platfrom 9.3%
  • Brand, Marketing & Sales 9.3%
  • Leadership expansion 36.0%
  • Studio, technology 36.0%
  • Partnerships 4.4%
  • Intermediary fees 4.9%



Raju Panjwani
18 years at Morgan Stanley, following 5 years at PwC, Raju has held leadership and global roles throughout his career. As a start-up leader for the past 16 years, his industry experience cuts across: securities markets, risk management, investment banking, FinTech, technology-enabled services and asset management. Helping others build conscious businesses is his passion.

Triccia Ramos
Employee-turned entrepreneur, Triccia transitioned out of a 20-year career in corporate leadership and operations management to launch a full time business as a Certified High Performance Coach. Her passion lies in helping entrepreneurs through deep transformative work that frees them to focus on their growth and contribution to others.

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Key Deal Facts

$100,000 in revenues in just four months since launching our coaching business
Two-founder Leadership Team with more than 60+ combined experience