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Demonpore Inc (yc S18)

Demonpore Inc (yc S18)

Advanced scientific instruments disguised as toys™

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Min Investment
Offering Date
April 15, 2021

Company Description

WHAT we're building: the demonpore 64™, the Global Molecular Mind™, MolecularTV™, and a bunch of molecular games™ and Molecular Reality™ entertainment experiences to tie it all together and make it easy and fun.


Invest $100+ demonpore 64™ molecular gaming console™ at full-product launch in late 2022.
Invest $500+demonpore 64™ with starter kits for up to 5 games.
Invest $1,000+demonpore 64™, starter kits for 10 games, free 2nd generation molecular gaming console (name TBD)
Invest $5,000+ demonpore 64™, starter kits for 10 games, 2nd generation console, your name physically engraved on the demonpore wall of fame
Invest $10,000+ demonpore 64™, starter kits for 10 games, 2nd generation console, name on wall of fame, free admission to PanDemonIum, an exclusive in-person gathering of elite Player Scientists™ in Q1 of 2022 to celebrate the beta launch.
Invest $25,000+ demonpore 64™, 10 games, 2nd generation console, name on wall of fame, PanDemonIum ticket, call with Kent Kemmish(tree)
Invest $50,000+ demonpore 64™, 10 games, 2nd generation console, name on wall of fame, PanDemonIum ticket, call with Kent Kemmish(tree), lab tour and meet and greet with teamonpore

Key Deal Facts

Introducing the demonpore 64™, the world's first molecular gaming console™
Priced at $99, the demonpore 64™ will be the first single-molecule sensor for a mass consumer market
Play games with signals produced by REAL cells and molecules that YOU put inside the console
Game play lets you become a Player Scientist™, taking part in vast distributed experiments
Together we'll form the Global Molecular Mind™, the most powerful scientific instrument of all time
We are THE pioneers of Molecular Reality™ (MR)—a world-changing concept as big as VR or AR.
Unique path to enter a $100B+ global molecular sensing market
Major institutional support includes Y Combinator, Methuselah Foundation, and UPMC Enterprises.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Kent Kemmish, CEO and Founder
Invented demonpores (mechanical nanopores). Discovered first enzymes for longevity pioneer Aubrey de Grey's LysoSENS project. Early team of Synthego, now a unicorn/premiere supplier of CRISPR reagents globally.

George Church, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
Professor at Harvard & MIT, early organizer of the Human Genome Project. Nanopore and sequencing tech pioneer++. Coauthored 460 papers, 105 patent publications & one book (Regenesis).

Aubrey de Grey, Scientific Advisor
Spearheading the global crusade to cure aging. CSO of sens.org

Justin Payne, VP of Engineering
Serial semiconductor entrepreneur. Extensive experience in the More than Moore space. Expertise in silicon CMOS manufacturing as relates to the processing and implementation of novel device types such as medical devices, optoelectronics and MEMS.

Zavier Henderson, Creative Lead
Creative lead, game development, and evangelist. Self-taught biologist. Binomica Labs, spent summer sleeping on a couch at MarsBio, LA-based synthetic biology incubator.

Brian Thomas, Nanopore Machinist
Pioneer of novel, machining-based methods for nanopore production. Unique, extensive background in both commercial manufacturing and academic research in nanopore analyte translocation physics.

Nathan McCorkle, Software and integration advisor
Embedded systems development, analog and digital circuit design, semiconductor fabrication, chemistry and chemical engineering, biotechnology research, microfluidics. Has an SEM and a FIB in his garage.

Keith Causey, Electromechanical Design Engineer
Roboticist and biomedical instrumentation engineer published in Nature, the world's leading scientific journal.

Edgar Sutawika, Mechanical Design Engineer
Anti-disciplinary designer.

Arianna Skirzynska, Alpha tester
PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering with microfluidics training from Harvard Medical School. Video game enthusiast in competitive Esports.

Ryan Rollings, Nanopore Science Advisor
Veteran of 1000 at-the-bench wars with solid state nanopore method development in the Harvard Nanopore Group and elsewhere. Frequent source of insightful and practical hands-on advice.

Lee Hwang, Game Design Advisor
Game designer, virtual market economy pioneer, producer on Emmy-award-winning MTV Networks virtual award project, BBC Worldwide, Causes.com, Makena Technologies, There Inc.
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