Portable power for people who want to live more independent, healthy and resilient lives. GoSun has developed breakthrough solar technologies that perform better than today’s outdoor gear, meet your essential needs and produce no emissions.

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April 21, 2021
October 18, 2021
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Patrick Sherwin, CEO, Director and Secretary
Patrick is a seasoned inventor and designer of solar products. He lived off-grid with solar on an island in the Bahamas for almost four years. As a veteran solar engineer, Patrick holds several patents and has extensive small business, project management, and sales experience. Patrick's entrepreneurial spirit and determination drives the company forward.

Weifeng Zheng, Director of Production
Experienced in all facets of procurement, engineering and production. Weifeng gets more done in an hour than most can do in a week. Heads up GoSun's assembly and QC operations in Asia.

Danny Young, Lead Engineer
Danny brings almost 15 years experience in the solar industry to help GoSun design and build great products. A mechanical engineer and scientist at heart, Danny manages GoSun's manufacturing and production teams.

Emily Zaebst, Director
Emily is a Nurse Practitioner who works with disadvantaged populations through community health programs. Emily helps GoSun to build a diverse and vibrant company that will change the world.

Glen MacGilivray, Director and Advisor
Glen is a successful engineer and serial entrepreneur. His career in aerospace, material science and nuclear supports GoSun's high level engineering challenges. He has operated solar energy businesses in Africa.

Gary Starr, Business Development
Gary has sold over $100 million of environmental products both domestically and internationally. He is experienced in market entry, business growth,, international sales, branding and business growth financing and management. Gary has had several successful company exits, and been the CEO of two companies that became public

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Key Deal Facts

The Outdoor Recreation Industry is ripe for investment. In 2019, outdoor recreation accounted for $459.8B and the industry has continued to soar throughout 2020. Solar and Climate Change investments are going viral; they more than doubled in 2020
GoSun has a proven track record of growth, with $3.9M in revenue in 2020, over 100,000 products sold across 70 countries, and a 109% sales increase over 2019
Experienced team (with multiple successful exits and public IPOs) has developed a process for launching innovations that power essential needs with renewable energy