ReThink Ice Cream

ReThink Ice Cream

Founded in 2018, ReThink has created a dairy-based ice cream that is low sugar* and “tummy-friendly” without sacrificing flavor, texture, or ingredient integrity. Made with lactose-free A2/A2 dairy, no sugar alcohol, all-natural ingredients, collagen, whey protein isolate, and prebiotic fiber, ReThink ice cream hopes to offer a health-conscious treat that more individuals can enjoy. The company currently offers 12 flavors in two sizes: pints and 4oz single-serve cups. ReThink products can be found in over 490 retailers across the western United States, including Whole Foods, Lucky, Raley’s,...

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Napa, CA

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April 22, 2021
October 18, 2021
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ReThink anticipates using the proceeds of this crowdfunding raise to accelerate marketing efforts and bolster working capital.


George Haymaker, Founder and CEO
George Haymaker is the founder of ReThink and currently serves as the company’s CEO. Prior to founding ReThink in 2017, Haymaker served as the operating partner of Counter Intelligence, where he oversaw operations for a nine-unit northern California group consisting of The Counter restaurant concept. Prior to Counter Intelligence, he served as CEO of TGEC Communications. Haymaker holds his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Bucknell University.

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Key Deal Facts

Products currently available in over 490 retailers, including select Whole Foods, Lucky, Raley’s, and Save Mart locations
Generated revenue of $419,445 in 2020
Currently holds distribution agreements with United Natural Foods (UNFI) and KeHE
Participated in SKU DFW accelerator in 2020