Kai's Baking Studio

Kai's Baking Studio

Kai’s Baking Studio’s journey started off as a father (Rod) and daughter (Makai) duo sharing quality time in the kitchen baking. What started out as quality father-daughter time evolved into Kai’s Kookies. After two years, Kai had to make lifestyle adjustments in her diet due to food allergies. Faced with a tough situation, for any person, let alone an 8-year-old, they began researching more dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free treats.

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Houston, TX

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Food & Bev
April 23, 2021
June 10, 2021
Deal Structure

Bond Duration - 60 months

Yield - 8.00%

Unit Par Value - $10.00

Total Unit Value - $12.17

Use of Proceeds

(25%) $25,000 - Towards equipment

(50%) $50,000 - Towards working capital

(15%) 15,000 - Towards marketing

(6.5%) $6,500 - Towards packaging and logistics

(3.5%) $3,500 - Towards SMBX capital raise fees


Kai, Founder
From baking cookies, to selling, bagging, and even procuring raw materials, Kai is involved in every aspect of the business. Her parents are dedicated to producing something different for their children, teaching them the power of entrepreneurship and the tenants of business. Kai is well versed in the kitchen and in the business, she calculates costs, and she is a tenacious saleswoman with a big smile always recommending her favorites to clients.

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