PaQui Tequila

PaQui Tequila

PaQuí is challenging the status quo of the tequila market. Its authentic Mexican branding signals luxury status and captures the joy of tequila ( PaQuí means “To Be Happy” in Aztec). The PaQui profile stands out with floral, grassy aromas, sweet agave fruit and a surprisingly smooth finish. PaQuí’s branding and liquid excellence believes that it can compete with the biggest luxury tequila brands. What we need now are the resources to make tequila drinkers aware of this delicious drinking experience.

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New York, NY

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April 26, 2021
October 27, 2021
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Price per share: $2.74

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The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds.


John Chapell, Founder / CEO
Extensive executive experience marketing and selling alcoholic beverages including Stoli vodka with Pepsico, Rolling Racks, and Boston Beer Co.

Gilberto Jasso, Master Distiller
Creator of the PaQui formula and one of the top distillers in the tequila industry. He is also the Master Distiller behind Cazadores and creator of Corzo tequila.

Javier Martinez, Senior Advisor
An international expert in the tequila industry, Martinez has deep connections in the industry and is one of the original founders of PaQui. He operates a tequila & mezcal importing company.

Jeff Garlow, Sales Director
A sales veteran and now, a specialist in the tequila industry, Garlow's winning personality and his versatility with a diverse background in marketing, events and sales makes him a key asset for PaQui.

Emi Kamiya, Marketing Director
15 years of experience in marketing, branding, and social media marketing, including in the luxury space, Kamiya is passionate about taking innovative new brands that she believes in to new levels using digital tools.

Mike Ginley, US General Manager
Beverage industry executive that has successfully built premium spirits brands in multi-national organizations & entrepreneurial companies. He provides overall leadership to scale the business nationally.

Deal Perks

  • Friends and Family - First 72 hours | 15% bonus shares
  • Super Early Bird - Next 72 hours | 10% bonus shares
  • Early Bird Bonus - Next 7 days | 5% bonus shares
  • Tier 1 perk ($1000+): PaQuí T-Shirt
  • Tier 2 perk ($5,000+): 2 PaQuí T-Shirts
  • Tier 3 perk ($10,000+): PaQuí T-Shirt + Branded Riedel Tequila Glasses
  • Tier 4 perk ($25,000+): PaQuí T-Shirt + Branded Riedel Tequila Glasses + 5% bonus shares
  • Tier 5 perk ($50,000+): PaQuí T-Shirt + Branded Riedel Tequila Glasses + 10% bonus shares

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Key Deal Facts

Successful StartEngine campaign in 2020 that was oversubscribed with over $1M raised.
Tequila is a hot category that grew from 3.09% of total spirits to 6.52 % in five years, and sales of 100% agave tequila increased 31% in 2020.
PaQui Tequila is one of the highest rated major tequila brands with a delicious taste profile that has appealing aromas, sweet agave fruit, and a smooth finish.