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Cooked Goose Catering

Cooked Goose Catering's goal is to deliver three core elements: quality food at a fair price, a welcoming environment, and excellent service. We strive to create for our customers a quality experience revolving around food that rewards each one individually by delivering satisfaction that betters their day. Though we may sell service and food to our customers, the product we truly deliver is satisfaction.

Our customer feedback most frequently states customer satisfaction and quality food for excellent value.

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Oakdale, PA

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Secured Loan
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Food & Bev
April 20, 2021
June 10, 2021
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8.25% interest rate

paid over a 60-month term

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Use funds to purchase refrigeration systems, display items, and inventory.


Tim Burke, Owner
Tim has been in the restaurant industry for 38 years, after purchasing his first restaurant at 17 years old. From here, he started Angelia's Pizzeria and expanded to five locations by the age of 21. Realizing his skill set combined with passion, he pursued additional various restaurant ventures over the following years. In 2004 he branched into offering catering services through one of his restaurants to the Greater Pittsburgh Area. In 2008, Cooked Goose Catering was established and has developed an exceptional rapport and growth over the previous years.

Cynthia Burke, Owner
Cynthia has been working in management in the industry for over 40 years. When her and Tim’s paths crossed, their efforts combined ultimately led to their success today. Opening numerous dining establishments together within the past 15 years they've seen exceptional success rates, further driving their passion to expand further.

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