Cava Health

Cava Health

At Çava, we’re bringing a smarter toilet experience to every home in America—combining advanced health tracking features with a built-in bidet, heated seat, and much more. 

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Los Angeles, CA

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April 28, 2021
July 27, 2021

Use of Proceeds

80% -- Product development, including purchasing material and cost of third-party engineering/developing consulting 13.5% - general and administrative costs 6.5% -- Wefunder intermediary fee. 

65% -- Product development, purchasing material, cost of third-party engineering consulting. We also hope to be able to launch a beta program of approximately 50 units and complete phase 1 of human testing. 28.5% - general and administrative costs 6.5% -- Wefunder intermediary fee. 


Jean-Baptiste Duprieu, Founder & CEO
Former Sony Corp Exec, GM for Sony Electronics Europe, Global Marketing Council Chair for Sony Corp, Global Tech Dev Lead for Sony Music, Exec Board Member for Sony Music Latin America. Former Chief Strategy Officer for NY’s CASE Design Agency.

Lina Colucci, Head of Medical Research and Applications
PhD from MIT & Harvard joint program. Developed algorithms for novel hydration sensor based on MRI tech. Holder of various patents. Speaker at multiple SXSW and TEDx events. Invented novel ballet pointe shoes & collaborated with Nike on design.

Sidney Primas, Head of Data Science & Lead Research Engineer
Former tech lead for Jawbone’s wearable sensors team, overseeing algorithms work from clinical validation to mass production (500k+ units) & yielding signal processing patents. Developed algorithms performing automated microscopic urinalysis.

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Key Deal Facts

Team includes former Sony, Nike, Google and Jawbone execs + Harvard & MIT Ph.Ds.
Raised $1.3M from notable investors including 2 Nasdaq-listed company CEOs.
First toilet seat/bidet capturing advanced health data (EKG, HRV, Hydration, GI health, BMI, etc.).
Test ad campaigns returned 10x above average CPC and Conversion Rates—high demand & low competition.
COVID-19 has led to unprecedented demand for personal hygiene and effective wellness tracking.
Positioned for fast growth in a $30 billion total addressable market.