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Mama Gaia

Mama Gaia is a Denver-based company that builds AI-powered, app-enabled, self-service smart fridges. These fridges are built for apartment complexes, hospitals, and universities. The food stocked in each machine is locally-sourced, healthy, and grab-and-go. Mama Gaia provides high quality food choices that can be unlocked with a smartphone and a QR code for easy access, making the lives of consumers and businesses just that much easier.

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Denver, CO

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April 27, 2021
October 26, 2021

Use of Proceeds

On a financial level, our goal is to scale the businesses aggressively in the Denver/Boulder Colorado area in the next year, and begin franchising nationwide to large and small food companies who want to expand their reach. Our second phase in late 2021 will be to market our smart fridges to offices, breweries, and gyms. Next, we plan to use a franchise model to scale nationwide in 2022


Sarah Lynch, Cofounder & CEO
Sarah singlehandedly founded Mama Gaia in May of 2018, by launching 3 test fridges in offices and apartment complexes and testing the concept, spending her time connecting with local food vendors, talking to her daily customers, and donating the leftovers to local food banks.

Hayden Brink, Cofounder & Advisory Board, Finance & Strategy
Hayden Brink has been working as the co-founder and President of Maia Growth Capital since July 2018.
Mr. Brink began his career doing 409a valuations and then as a sell-side investment banking analyst. He holds a BSBA in Finance with a Minor in Computer Science from the University of Denver.
Mr. Brink spends 15-20 hours per week on Mama Gaia.

Giovanni Sudiro, Cofounder & CTO
Highly accomplished, result-oriented IT Executive with over 15 years of development and technical leadership experience. Brings superior team-building and management expertise with a focus on process improvement to enhance IT operations and software development practices. Proven track record of designing, developing and implementing enterprise-class, scalable data management solutions.

Carolyn Ford, AI Specialist
Carolyn works as an AI Specialist and Data Scientist for Mama Gaia. Dr. Ford has a PhD in Electrical Engineering/Digital Signal Processing from the University of Colorado. Her industry experience includes adaptive learning systems, image and video processing.

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Key Deal Facts

Huge market: The vending machine market is a $36.5 billion industry in the U.S., and projected to grow by $98.2 billion from 2020-2025, accelerating market growth at a CAGR over 22%.
Patent-pending technology: Support the latest in AI cashier-less retail technology. Mama Gaia builds smart fridges that use AI to detect inventory.
Built on data and revenue optimization: Invest in a company that is data-driven. Mama Gaia uses predictive analytics to determine consumer spending and understand what products will sell best on a given day.