acQyr eXchange

acQyr eXchange

acQyr eXchange (QX) is a cloud-based platform for issuing, tracking, exchanging, and redeeming loyalty rewards across multiple rewards programs in any market. Our first entry is in the mobile and video gaming industry to help game publishers increase retention and grow revenue through personalized offers and loyalty rewards.

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Lone Tree, CO

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Common Stock
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April 26, 2021
May 07, 2021
Valuation Cap

Use of Proceeds

Outsourced development team-$252,501, 23.6%

 Phase 2-3 technology deployment-$88,955, 8.3%

 Customer service-$141,283, 13.2%

 M&S - game publisher acquisition-$111,146, 10.4%

 M&S - gamer acquisition-$54,306, 5.1%

 Technology team staffing-$76,830, 7.2%

 M&S team staffing-$100,527, 9.4%

 Operations team staffing-$115,244, 10.8%

 General & Administrative-$76,778, 7.2%

 Intermediary fees-$52,430, 4.9%



Jim Mulford, President and CEO
Jim Mulford has over 40 years of experience in the delivery, management, and leadership of professional services. He was co-founder of a large, successful systems integrator, SSDS, Inc., and a technology-enabled recruitment solutions company, Knowledge Workers, Inc., and participated in the successful sale of both companies. He has held executive and operational management positions with the USAF, Verizon, and SSDS. He received a BS in Computer Science from the USAF Academy, and a MS in Information Systems from UCLA.

Mike Flanagan, Vice President of Technology and COO
Mike Flanagan has over 40 years of work experience, including project management and technical analysis, design, architecture, and implementation experience for large companies and the United States Air Force. He was a co-founder of International Software Corporation and served as Vice President for System Architecture and Development. He has served as a senior consultant for large, complex design and implementation projects. Mr. Flanagan earned his BS degree from the USAF Academy, his MS degree from UCLA, and MBA from Regis University.

Bill Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer
Bill Wilson has over 40 years of marketing strategy and communications experience as a corporate executive and independent consultant to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. He is a SaaS startup marketing expert and former CMO of an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company (#1266). He received a BS In Journalism from Northern Illinois University and an MS in Communications from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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Key Deal Facts

Over $8 million invested to develop IP, platform, and go-to-market strategy, including extensive pilots and testing in the retail market, with MasterCard.
Deployed our Version 1.0 for the mobile gaming and video market in 4Q of last year.
Six signed LOIs with game publishers/developers for onboarding and growing our market presence.
Ported our IP and platform to Amazon AWS to allow for national and international scaling and expansion.
Currently enhancing and deploying our personalized offers and rewards AI technology, thereby allowing game publishers and developers to reduce CAC and increase LTV.