TÖST Beverages

TÖST Beverages

Vision TÖST is rapidly becoming a leading non-alcoholic beverage in the U.S. and across the globe. TÖST has a simple vision that aligns with our product, customer, and investors alike; we are building a legacy brand by delivering memorable experiences. We believe this includes delivering a meaningful ROI to our current and future investors. TÖST has proven it has national and global appeal, at a unique time in the early history of non-alcoholic beverages. We want to capitalize on our opportunity to build lasting brand equity while continuing to add market share within the beverage indu...

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Manchester, VT

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Food & Bev
April 27, 2021
September 30, 2021
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Brooks Addington, CEO
Entrepreneur & investor with 25 years of experience in global businesses
Proven track record of building and operating businesses from the ground up
Deep CPG investment and start-up experience

Mark Hyatt, CMO
Created integrated campaigns for some of the world's largest beverage brands
Founded creative agency that worked with Fortune 100 companies on multiple platforms
MBA from a joint program at Columbia University and Haas School of Business at Berkeley

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Key Deal Facts

$1M+ revenue in last 10 months
Revenue in Q1 2021 is 4.1x revenue in Q1 2020
1.3K+ accounts, 18 distributors, 24 states, and across 7 countries
Key accounts include Whole Foods, Wegmans, BevMo, The Fresh Market and more
Recipient of the 2018 New Product Cold Beverage SOFI Award
Showcased by The NY Times, GQ, Vogue, Forbes, Glamour, Esquire and more
$29B total addressable market by 2026