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Lenexa, KS

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An equity crowdfunding specific version of a SAFE used by crowdfunding portal Republic. Upon conversion (if and when that happens), investors may receive special shares with limited rights that do not show up on a company’s cap table. The issuer may roll over and not convert shares at the next financing round causing investors to lose out on some upside.
April 26, 2021
April 30, 2022
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An ecosystem for payments and financing leveraging proprietary blockchain infrastructure

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  • $50,000- 52.5% towards product development and maintenance, 20% towards marketing and business development, 18% towards admin and operations, 7.5% towards Wefunder fees, 2% contingency
  • $1,070,000 - 34% towards product development and maintenance, 23% towards admin and operations, 16% towards marketing and business development, 17.5% towards accounting legal & compliance, 7.5% towards Wefunder fees, 2% contingency


Dinesh Patel, CEO & Co-Founder
Family in the global diamond business for 3 generations *25+ years experience as a diamond trader in key market centers, including Mumbai, Surat (India), Israel, Belgium, and the USA *3X Founder and Managing Director at Honey Star Inc

Chirag Jetani, COO & Co-Founder
Trained engineer and blockchain enthusiast with over a decade of experience running a multi-generational diamond business in Belgium, India, and Hong Kong

Samuel ProctorChief Regulatory Advisor
CEO, Genesis Block - A digital asset advisory and financial services platform

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Key Deal Facts

Proprietary technology infrastructure with the ability to process 100 million+ transactions per day
A unique combination of diamond industry experience and technical solution that solves real problems
User consortium of over 400 diamond industry participants representing $82 billion of potential revenue
PayCircle Proof of Concept (POC) deployed with 10 corporate heavyweights
Aiming to deploy payments solution, PayCircle, tentatively by April 2021
Projected revenue from PayCircle, approximately $100 million+ by 2025 (not guaranteed)