Emd Health Centers

Emd Health Centers

MD Health Centers is bringing the choice, convenience, quality outpatient care to Rural America. Patients get specialty care in their town, no need to travel to far away large towns

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Houston, TX

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April 30, 2021
August 02, 2021
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Mohamed Haq, CEO
Physician with 40 years Oncology Practice. 2 years of Telehealth experience. Telehealth Patent Holder. 25 Publications. Macy’s Heart and Soul Award, 2004. American College of Physicians Volunteerism Award, 2009. MD Anderson Fellowship.

Ejaz Haq, COO
Electrical Engineer. University of Michigan. 35 years experience. Design, Development, Strategic Marketing, Executive Director Samsung, Korea. 30 International Patents and 20 Publications. 2 years Telemedicine Clinic experience.

Abbas KhanVP , Operations
35 years MD Anderson Immunology, Pro Diagnostic Histology, and antibodies for Medical Kits. University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. 2 years Telemedicine Clinic and Commercial Real Estate Development Experience.

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Key Deal Facts

Untapped Market: Less than 3% Specialty Physicians practice in rural America.
Urban specialty doctors will have easy access to 57M rural population with us.
Scalable Revenues: Majority revenue derived from Insurance backed payments for patient visit.
$2.0 Billion US rural market opportunity. Texas market estimated to be over $200M.