Saltflix is a faith-based multicultural streaming platform that focuses on family-friendly movie, TV, and music content from around the world. 

Security Type
Crowd SAFE
Min Investment
Alpharetta, GA
Min Raise
Offering Date
April 23, 2021
Max Raise
Expected Close Date
August 21, 2021

Use of Proceeds

  • Equipment
  • Miventure Listing Fee
  • Product Development
  • Marketing


James Alford, Founder & CEO
Christian leader and media personality since 2009. Experience in film, radio and TV.

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Security Description

An equity crowdfunding specific version of a SAFE used by crowdfunding portal Republic. Upon conversion (if and when that happens), investors may receive special shares with limited rights that do not show up on a company’s cap table. The issuer may roll over and not convert shares at the next financing round causing investors to lose out on some upside.

Key Deal Facts

Main service launched October 2020
September 2020 beta launch
Prototype built in August 2020
December 2020- Founder was recognized for his dependent Christian films
September 2020- Founded Saltflix
Saltflix will be available on Amazon Fire and Roku in June 2021