A global Real Estate Platform featuring Time-Limited Events & buyers Cashback

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Min Investment
Green Bay, WI
Offering Date
February 26, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2022
Target Raise
Deal Notes

Price per share: $500


Company Description

RealtyHive is a proven worldwide real estate platform that pairs intelligent digital marketing with strategic Time-Limited Events to connect buyers and sellers from around the world faster than ever before. After working with Financial Institutions and even the Federal Government, we revamped a retail version of our product to bring solutions to consumers and agents.

Key Deal Facts

Completed initial phase of the raise- $950,000 on the same terms as offered on Wefunder
12 months operation in 2020 - $1.7 million in revenue
New product extension - Cashifyd offers Cashback in Real Estate by Local Experts
Worldwide established products with an 85+% adoption rate by consumers
Multiple connected revenue product-lines. $435mm + inventory currently on the platform
Recent DOJ & NAR settlement requires a more open disclosure of buyer fees. A clear case - Cashifyd
Led by a group of always-be-testing innovators with a massive work ethic
Our initial investors already have invested $100,000+ on average.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Wade T Micoley, CEO & Founder
A big picture thinker and master strategist, Wade successfully started multiple businesses in banking, real estate, construction and other industries. As founder, his expertise in business scaling and operations lays the path for RealtyHive success.

Mark Henman, President & COO- Founding Team Member
With 20+ years of experience in banking, lending, & investments, Mark plays a key role in RealtyHive’s expansion into new industries. As an active real estate investor, Mark’s knowledge has guided RealtyHive with financing & growth opportunities.

Hugh Gilliam, Director of Int'l Real Estate-Founding Team Member
As the head of all things international, Hugh brings many years of experience in negotiation, sales & international business. He is also the co-founder of Doorways International, a luxury real estate platform for Brokers & Buyers in 70+ countries.

Deal Notes

Price per share: $500

Amount Raised : $0
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