A Leader in Alcohol-Related Health

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Common Stock
Consumer Goods & Products
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Houston, TX
Offering Date
May 18, 2021
Expected Close Date
November 16, 2021
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Company Description

Cheers is a leader in the alcohol-related health category. We create products that support your liver and help you feel better after consuming alcohol. To date, we have helped over 300,000 people enjoy alcohol on their own terms, with a total of over $25 million sold through online sales alone. In 2020, Cheers generated $1.7m+ in profit. Our next planned move is to begin our expansion into retail, with the goal of Cheers being available anywhere that alcohol is sold.

Key Deal Facts

Leading alcohol-related health: We create products that are designed to support your liver and help you feel better after drinking – whether you drink a little or a lot. Cheers isn’t just some hangover cure company. We’re an “alcohol-related health” company, pioneering an entirely new category of CPG products to help people enjoy alcohol on their own terms.
$25m+ sold to date, with $1.7m+ profit in 2020: Since our appearance on Shark Tank in 2018, we have sold over $25m across the US solely through online channels. To date, we’ve sold over 13m doses across all our products and have acquired over 300k customers. In 2020, Cheers generated $1.7m+ in profit.
Novel technology for a massive untapped market: Alcohol is a $250b+ industry in the US and hangovers cost the US economy an estimated $180b annually. The market opportunity is potentially worth billions, and we believe our first-to-market patent-pending DHM permeabilizer technology will set the standard for how people enjoy alcohol and how they bounce back after drinking.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Brooks Powell, Founder & CEO
Stephen McLenan, Jr. Director
Melody Koh, Director
Amount Raised : $1,828,586
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