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REGEN, Bringing the Hemp World to Life! We created next generation hemp technology! It Works!

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Technology, Other, Financial Services, Sustainability
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Hinckley, MN
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April 29, 2024
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Key Deal Facts

REGENS 5 AI Advanced Technologies redefines infrastructure & unity with farmers & US manufacturers.
In 5 yrs we formed lasting Alliances; MNAG. AURI. UM. NDSU. DR Ulven & ANVIL ENGR~CADS & ATTY.
We created Tech for a Hub to organize hemp products for manufacturers. Manufacturers are calling!
Results~Replacement Steel, Fiberglass, Rebar Bioplastic, Paper, Textiles, Batteries, Hempcrete+ more
Hemp is the most versatile, sustainable, game changer on the planet that draws down tons of C02.
“This is our opportunity to reestablish the balance in our complex natural world” Jane
Invest in sustainability. Help perfect prototypes, patent & Market. Check webpage! Thank You

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jane Burnes Leverenz CEO & FounderA skillful socially conscious Entrepreneur, who developed, owned, & operated 5 companies for 32 years.
Skilled Researcher, Visionary & Educator. Lifetime Eco Advocate & Legislative Contributor. An excelled multitasking Team Player & Management., Harold Stanislawski AURIDirector of Business & Industry for Agricultural Utilization Research InstituteSpecialties: finance, economic development, bio-science, renewable materials, renewable fuels, business planning, coalition building, Our Lead Person who is a leader in all areas of Industrial hemp. We've work together for 4yrs developing REGEN Bus Goals., Chad Ulven Interim Chair of Mechanical Engineering Dept. at NDSU. Dr. Ulven has also developed a biocomposites factory.Dr. Ulven by far is one of the top research developers in Fibers & Polymer Matrix Composites, Bio-Based Materials, & bio-plastics. He is our key leader in REGEN Designs & completion. He cheers while we do our CADs
& Engineering Dept. is contributing AI!, Guy Nelson President & Founder of Anvil Manufacturing & Engineering. Agriculture Oriented.Guy has out performed for REGEN & his track record speaks for itself. Open minded. Guy traveled w REGEN to verify concepts of REGEN. It garnered great results. Guys Biz concept joining engineering & manufacturing is great! Simplifies stages for REGEN., Thom E. Petersen, Commissioner of MN Dept of AgricultureCommissioner of the MN Dept of AgriculturePrior to MNAG Thom was the Lobbyist for MN Farm Bureau. Thom, instrumental in Legalize of Hemp. He's dedicated to Farmers! Comm Thom, a catalyst of REGENS success. He referred Jane to AURI, UMN, & said "Follow Jane! She gets it done!" Ball still rolling!, Bruce M DietzenREGEN Business Advisor. Bruce the RENEW Hemp Car Developer!!!Bruce, after successful Business Career became an expert Lecturer NetZero Living & Hemp. He & 5 Colleagues formed DrawDown Hemp. Jane is 1 of 88 MBR. Bruce, Jane+8 others~Top 10 contributor. Bruce was invited to UN to a Hemp Summit & our work was shared., Lois and Bill Kunze Financial & Creative AnalysistLois & Jane are pioneers of the hemp industry era. Lois owned & operated an accounting firm for 45 years.
Raised on a Farm & married a farmer. Lois supports community. Lois supports hemp 3rd crop rotation, revitalized rural economy & C02 sequestration.
Amount Raised : $65,250
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