Pulse Protocol

Pulse Protocol

Medical Travel Platform for Hospitals & Doctors

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Common Stock
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Venice, CA
Offering Date
May 25, 2021
Expected Close Date
November 24, 2021
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Company Description

Pulse's mission is to help create a world where everyone will have access to quality healthcare, transparent pricing, and patient advocacy. Following the disruptive platform business model of companies like Uber and Airbnb, Pulse provides a comprehensive software and marketing platform for doctors and hospitals enabling them to professionally manage their medical travel businesses and generate predictable revenue. This market is projected to reach $207.5 billion by 2027.

Key Deal Facts

Founded by 3 industry leaders: Pulse leading executives have a combined 50+ years of experience leading the medical travel industry.
Compelling business model: Pulse earns recurring revenue both from (1) licensing its software and (2) providing marketing services. Pulse also charges transaction fees for every (3) booked procedure or (4) lead procured.
Backed by Institutional Investors: Amplify, Afore Capital, Kima Ventures, Cherry Tree Investments, Street Edge Capital.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Robert Page, CEO & Founder
Robert Page has been at the forefront of global health innovation since 2000. A relentless enthusiast for quality control, transparent pricing, and patient advocacy, he has co-authored 3 industry guidebooks, spoken at dozens of conferences across the planet, and led two different medical tourism companies, MedToGo International and PulseProtocol. A graduate of Amplify LA prestigious accelerator program, Pulse (formally named, "MedRepublic") was selected among the top 25 new tech companies of 2016 to pitch at Tech Crunch Disrupt and has received investments from multiple VCs, angels, and family offices.

Jonathan Edelheit, Growth, Business Development
Jonathan Edelheit is Founder and Chairman of the Medical Tourism Association and Global Healthcare Resources and has led the organizations in global development. After Villanova Law School, Mr. Edelheit created one of the first low-cost healthcare plans for employers and was the first person in the United States to implement medical tourism into fully-insured and self-funded employer healthcare plans. He has additionally launched medical tourism strategies and helped commercialize governments, hospitals and insurers. Mr. Edelheit and his organization, in partnership with the Korean Government, launched South Korea’s global healthcare initiative, taking it from scratch to being one of the largest players in medical travel. Passionate about breaking down the barriers to care access and pricing and quality transparency, he has worked with governments and healthcare providers to launch initiatives in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Korea, Croatia. Mr. Edelheit has also helped several large insurance companies adopt medical travel into their insurance plans. Mr. Edelheit has been interviewed by hundreds of media outlets around the world from the Wall Street Journal, to Time Magazine and USA Today.

Parug Demircioglu, Head of Technology
With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and CTO, Parug oversees the development and growth of Pulse technology. He has expertise in team management, product management, innovation process management, strategic market research & analysis, consulting, and more.

Chris Jackson, Marketing Director
Chris has been working in marketing for 13+ years with capabilities ranging from strategy & planning, client relations, and coding to marketing automation, digital marketing, and ecommerce.

Chloe Wight, Customer Success
A graduate of UC San Diego and former collegiate tennis captain, Chloe joined the Pulse team as its Customer Success Coordinator.
Amount Raised : $194,635
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