Self-care AI med-tech platform and glucometer that enables people to manage their own diabetes.

Security Type
Convertible Note
Min Investment
Oak Park Heights, MN
Offering Date
May 24, 2021
Expected Close Date
August 14, 2021
Target Raise

Company Description

Self-care AI med-tech platform and glucometer that enables people to manage their own diabetes.Pops is focused on improving the current healthcare model. With diabetes as one of our most expensive chronic conditions in the world, we have not significantly changed how we manage diabetes in the last twenty-five years. Even the newest digital health companies continue to treat people with diabetes as patients to manage remotely with their live coaches. Pops has no live coaches and no traditional test kits. We don't see people as patients we need to manage. 

Key Deal Facts

Revenue generating contracts are in place, including with key strategics such as Zurich Insurance Group, MOBE for Life, and Nice Healthcare
Achieved over a 90% average month-over-month user growth for the first four months of 2021
FDA-approved product with 15 issued patents and 16 pending patents
Clinical data accepted for ADA 2021 publication demonstrating a sustained and significant 15% improvement in A1c (glucose control), even after 18 months of Pops use
Key investors include Revolution ROTR, 30 Ventures, and Flying Point. Award winning (2016 American Diabetes Association, 2018 Inventures) and chosen as a 2018 Pepperdine Most Fundable company

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Lonny Stormo, CEO and Chairman
Lonny worked at Medtronic for 30 years prior to co-founding Pops. During his Medtronic tenure, Lonny led a business unit and was in leadership roles in multiple functions across operations, engineering, clinical and quality.  

Dan Davis, VP R&D
Dan spent 35 years in R&D and operations roles at 3M and multiple other companies. He has successfully introduced many new products in the healthcare field.  

Curt Christensen, VP Operations
Curt has spent more than 35 years in operations at 3M. He is an expert at processes, supply chain, and working with suppliers.
Amount Raised : $2,441,124
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