Detonation Space

Detonation Space

Next Generation Engines

Security Type
Convertible Note
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West Hollywood, CA
Offering Date
June 01, 2021
Expected Close Date
November 29, 2021
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Company Description

Detonation Space is developing rotating detonation engines which are thermodynamically 30% more efficient than conventional combustion-type engines. We believe that with the help of Detonation Space’s patent pending engine technology, drones will have longer flight times, planes will be able to accommodate more passengers, rockets will be able to go farther or carry more payloads.

Key Deal Facts

Detonation Space is targeting aerospace, aviation, and drone markets.
Total market potential amounts to $165 million units (source).
It is time to abandon the technology of the 20th century and look towards the future with Detonation Space.
We expect that our technology will increase efficiency of aerospace vehicles, such as rockets, planes, helicopters, drones by cutting down fuel expenditure, making vehicles more lightweight, and decreasing cost per kilogram of payload.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Umit Yelken, CEO & Director
PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Aeronautics Engineering, 9 years of experience on rocket engines and 6 years of experience on detonation engines, 2 issued patent applications, awards in rocket competitions

Ali Cem Bulut, Test Engineer
MSc in Mechanical Engineering, 6 years experience on test and design section of structural mechanism, Highly experienced on test facility design of rocket engines

Emre Taskin, Design Engineer
Master's Degree In Electronic Communications Engineering, Competent In Conceptual Designs Of Satellite Communication Systems, Experience In Mechanical Design, Manufacture And Testing Of Detonation Engines, 2 Patent Applications 

Dilya Zhanispayeva, Business Development
Has 3+ years of experience working in multidisciplinary roles within IT startups that built products around disruptive technologies, such as the blockchain, biometrics, AR, and AI. Co-founded a cryptocurrency wallet Spatium that raised pre-seed round from a VC fund and was named among top cybersecurity companies in Singapore. Additionally, interned at an early stage tech VC fund founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and focused on Central Asian startups. Holds a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley. Also practices life coaching as an Erickson Professional Coach.
Amount Raised : $149,523
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