Zero Gravity Solutions

Plants have the natural ability to protect themselves from the harms of stress and disease. Zero Gravity’s pioneering technology unlocks this ability for the benefit of the $3.5T agriculture industry. With 2 products and 5 distribution deals, Zero Gravity is at the tipping point of rapid growth.

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Common Stock
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Boca Raton, FL
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March 19, 2024
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April 29, 2024
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Company Description

In the face of increasing droughts and extreme weather caused by global climate change, the world needs to find a way to sustainably feed a world population that is forecast to grow by an additional 2 billion people over the next 30 years.Our scientific discoveries are the basis for a rapidly expanding intellectual property portfolio based on multiple organic priming elicitors, how they work in plants, and their product applications.Zero Gravity Solutions is on a mission to unlock the natural power of plants to increase agricultural yields while limiting the use of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals. By “priming” the plant’s natural physiology, our company’s technology has been shown to significantly improve crop yields, manage disease, and mitigate stress. After 7+ years of research, 65+ field trials across 35+ crop varieties, Zero Gravity has two products with sales from major distributors including Rite-Aid. Over the next two years, we plan additional product launches and further expansion into larger product sectors.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

John McLean
John is an agriculture industry executive with 40 years of diverse industry experience including as COO of Monsanto Growth Ventures and as President of Intrexon Crop Protection.

Ravi Pottathil
Ravi is an entrepreneur with a 40-year history spanning industry & academia, covering biochemistry, molecular biology, mammalian genetics, medical virology, tumor biology, and diagnostics.

Kathy Conway

Head of Operations

Agbiotech leader with 35 years of experience in strategic operations, driving companies the next stage of growth from product development through commercialization

Matt Cleaver
Head of Business Development
Business development and strategy leader with over a decade of experience driving growth and performance across multiple businesses in the food and agriculture industry.

Rik Miller
Commercial Advisor
Rik has 40+ years of experience in production agriculture including as President of Crop Protection at Dupont and senior leadership positions in sales, marketing, portfolio management, and business operations.

Brad Shurdut
Regulatory Advisor
Brad is an attorney and senior life sciences, biotechnology, and ag industry executive with 30+ years of experience in government affairs, regulatory affairs, public policy, environmental health & safety, and risk assessment.
Amount Raised : $118,149
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