Ernest Supplies

Ernest Supplies

Omnichannel skincare brand redefining clean, sustainable, and inclusive products.We started Ernest Supplies as industry outsiders on a mission to redefine what clean, sustainable and inclusive skincare should be. We’ve applied fresh, creative thinking to address a number of issues in the traditional beauty marketplace. Inclusivity and accessibility (our products are genderless, made for all skin tones and accessibly priced)Sustainability (120 billion units of beauty packaging go to landfills every year; we were one of the first to use eco, spouted pouches and plan to reduce the plastic we s...

Security Type
Crowd Note
Min Investment
New York, NY
Min Raise
Offering Date
April 30, 2021
Max Raise
Expected Close Date
August 14, 2021
Amount Raised


John Cafarelli, Co-Founder, President
John brings diverse creative, operations, finance, brand building and beauty industry experience to the team. His professional experience includes: Consumer Private Equity (Principal), Paper Magazine (COO/CFO), BeautyMatter (Managing Director), Beauty/Fashion Industry Consultant, LGBTQ+ Community Leader, AMFAR (National Chairman, GenCure)
Roles:Sales, Marketing, Account Management, Product Development / Design, Finance / Accounting, Inventory Management / Filling, Shipping / EDI / Fulfillment, Operations / Insurance / Supply Chain Interests:Volleyball, Photography, Traveling, Podcasts, Skincare Products (of course)

Luigi Bianco, Co-Founder, Vice President
Luigi brings an eye for design, attention to detail (he’s a lawyer) and fashion and beauty experience to the team. His professional experience includes: Transactional Lawyer (Contracts, IP, Property), Beauty/Fashion Industry Consultant, E-Commerce. Experience in Sales, Marketing, Brand / Product Development, Operations / Logistics, Amazon Account Management, Sales Account Management, Legal / Regulatory

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Security Description

A Crowd Note modifies the typical convertible note so that the crowd does not automatically convert to equity shareholders on the next financing and remain off the issuer’s capitalization table, but the crowd will still participate in any exit as if they had converted to equity. If there is no future financing, the holders of the Crowd Note still have upside, but could miss out significantly.

Key Deal Facts

Has been sold at accounts like Neiman Marcus, Selfridges, Anthropologie and Cult Beauty and developed a limited capsule collection sold at Target.
Achieved repeat customer rate of 53% in H2 2020, double the industry average. A “fan favorite” at Birchbox and named “Most Popular” at GQ.
Invited to create custom kits for all nominees, winners, and presenters in the 2018 Golden Globes. Brand and founder were featured in an American Express Small Business commercial and have been featured in publications like Allure, Vogue, GQ, InStyle, Paper, Refinery29 and People.
Products have won multiple awards from GQ and Men's Health, including GQ awards in 2016 and 2017 for our shaving cream and razor as one of the best grooming products of the year. Our sustainable and eco-forward packaging has won two awards for its design.
Selected for Macy’s prestigious Diverse Brand Accelerator Program in the class of 2021.