Inspired by traditional Salvadoran wood-fire cooking and recipes, Popoca brings a taste of the beauty of El Salvador to Oakland, California. Popoca serves progressive Salvadoran food like pupusas and tamales that use the freshest ingredients and fresh-milled masa, cooked over a wood fire. Their mission is to find and preserve techniques from the past to bring Bay Area residents a new and authentic experience in Oakland.

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Min Investment
Richmond, CA
Min Raise
Offering Date
May 25, 2021
Max Raise
Expected Close Date
July 07, 2021
Security Price

Use of Proceeds

  • (12%) $30,000 - Towards hearth for wood-fire cooking
  • (34%) $85,000 - Towards hoods and air filtration systems
  • (4%) $10,000 - Towards molino or corn mill for fresh-milled masa
  • (27%) $67,500 - Towards kitchen equipment
  • (17.9%) $44,750 - Towards furniture and tableware
  • (1.6%) $4,000 - Towards lighting fixtures
  • (3.5%) $8,750- Towards SMBX capital raise fees




Anthony Salguero, Owner
Bay Area-born chef Anthony Salguero first fell in love with El Salvador while visiting his grandparents. On each trip back, he sought out old recipes and learned traditional wood-fire cooking techniques, connecting deeply with his roots and the food of El Salvador.

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Key Deal Facts

Starting in January 2020, Popoca began as a four times weekly popup restaurant within Classic Cars West, a boutique vintage car dealership located in Oakland's Uptown Arts District.
A small team of four, Popoca raised $50k earlier this year, which has helped them with all the legal fees and licensing needed to start the journey of moving into their own space.