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WedFun is a Netflix type wedding lifestyle entertainment streaming channel app and wedding planning app, combined into one app. It is a fabulously unique combination of video entertainment and wedding planning that will inspire the best wedding ever - yours. 

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Manhattan Beach, CA
Offering Date
June 05, 2021
Expected Close Date
September 03, 2021


Marc Conneely, President
Founded Wedding TV Cable Network, Voted UK’s “Best Specialist TV Channel 2010”. Launched MTV worldwide. Grew MTV Europe to 60 million monthly subscribers. President of MTV China. Head of Sky TV Pay Per View Events.

Rikke Alderson, Chief Marketing Officer
Marketing and social media strategist. A global commercial partnership specialist. Adept with blue-chip and start-up operations.

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Key Deal Facts

Leadership: CEO Marc Conneely founded the Wedding TV Cable Network and was President, MTV China. Serious street cred.
Massive market: 65M weddings/year spending $300B.
Our 5 year target is only approx 2%, 1.2M subscribers.
Partnerships: WedFun was selected as Canva's wedding planning partner and will leverage Canva's 51M monthly users.
WedFun TV: WedFun original videos will support and inspire the couple's decision making.
Planning App: WedFun's next generation planning app will simplify, organize and streamline choices.
WedFun is a community app.
The entire guest list can share and communicate through the app and watch all the videos.
App Store/Google Play: The first generation WedFun App (check list, guest list, budget, website, inspiration) is live.
We believe WedFun will disrupt the market and become the iconic global brand leader for anyone planning a wedding.