Ola Filter

Ola Filter


Security Type
Min Investment
Bend, OR
Min Raise
Offering Date
June 04, 2021
Max Raise
Expected Close Date
July 31, 2021


Elizabeth M.Clandos, CEO Elizabeth Clandos is the co-founder and CEO of Ola Filter Corporation, leading strategy, design and branding. Elizabeth's career is dedicated to integrating the skills of marginalized workers with contemporary design, efficient systems, and economic opportunities.

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Security Description

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Key Deal Facts

For less than 1 penny a day, the Ola Filter provides an affordable, easy to use, long life, simple to maintain, and certified water filter specifically designed for developing countries.
This $19 technology allows end consumers to save as much as $580 on their water purchases over the filter’s 5 year lifespan at less than half the cost of alternatives.
The design leverages existing technology, can quickly be tooled, produced and scale.
Three NGOs signed letters of intent to purchase 2,250 filters.
Ola Filter is patent pending, and won the Aurora Consulting RISE award for provisional patent filing.
The Company plans to begin manufacturing in summer 2021 and enter the Central American market in the fall of 2021, to expand our business in accordance with our mission of clean water access for low-income consumers in emerging markets.
The Management Team has 40 years combined in engineering and prototype design, social enterprise, and deep expertise in developing countries.
Ola Filter is a 100% women-owned social enterprise.