Lovebirds Donuts

Lovebirds Donuts

Lovebirds Donuts is located Kittery, Maine and just celebrated their second anniversary. Lovebirds has been years in the making and brings you lovingly crafted donuts scratch-made from honest, simple ingredients. After building a large customer base from their first location, they're expanding into a second location in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They are one of the few strictly plant-based donut shops in the United States. 

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Security Type
Revenue Sharing
Food & Bev
Min Investment
Portsmouth, NH
Min Raise
Offering Date
June 07, 2021
Max Raise
Amount Raised
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Use of Proceeds

  • Build-out: $94,000
  • Mainvest Compensation: $6,000


Tamara Monroe & Ryan MacDougall, Owners
Opening Spring 2019 in Kittery, Maine, Lovebirds Donuts is a longtime vision come to life for Tamara Monroe and Ryan MacDougall. Ryan's early interest in food came at the age of 13 while helping out at his parents' breakfast restaurant. He spent the next decade cooking for and managing restaurants along the Maine seacoast. Tamara, too, worked her way through high school and college at local restaurants. They both envisioned having their own place one day.Wanderlust lured Tamara and Ryan out into the world—and after some time in San Diego they moved to Boston where they grew diverse careers in marketing and finance, respectively. When not traveling, they spent much of their downtime exploring new foods, brewing beer, or baking.Yeast-raised donuts became a special obsession. They use simple ingredients and when fermented in the traditional way (like how you make bread), yeast-raised donuts possess a unique and sophisticated depth of flavor. While Lovebirds offers both raised and cake donuts in an array of local and international-inspired flavors, the yeast donuts are truly their pride and joy.Tamara and Ryan fell so in love with these doughy creations that they decided to return to their roots and embark on a new adventure, sharing their love of creating real, good food with the people in their home community. Their donuts are the culinary embodiment of comfort, fun and nostalgia.

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Security Description

Revenue Sharing is a form of lending that involves sharing revenue from the business with investors as return on their investment. It is often a fixed percentage of revenue and you are paid until you earn a total return on your investment.

Key Deal Facts

100% Plant-Based Products.
Caters to a variety of allergens (nut-free).
Donuts that are better than non-vegan donuts with no sacrifice.
Wholesale accounts from Rye, New Hampshire to Portland, Maine.
Focused on exceptional guest experience.
Sustainable environmental and business practices.
No matter your favorite donut style, everything we create for you is made from scratch using only quality ingredient.