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PrimeMinds is your digital sidekick for all your personal development needs. Enjoy all the best habits, tools, content, and support to help you succeed in your own way, at your own time, all in one app. We gamified your self-improvement and made it convenient! Now you can have fun and easily stay on track while you’re growing, staying motivated, and manifesting “your” dream life!

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Security Type
Min Investment
New York, NY
Min Raise
Offering Date
June 09, 2021
Max Raise
Expected Close Date
September 07, 2021

Use of Proceeds

Within the next two to three years, we will be making significant implementations and utilize our other monetization strategies to sky-rocket our user growth and revenue.


Daniel Russo, Founder and Co-CEO
7+ years of app startup experience. Co-founder & CEO of Vyve, a "personality-first" dating app, investment adviser, and successfully created and sold an e-commerce site.

Evan Teitelbaum, Founder and Co-CEO
7+ years of startup experience and raised in a family of successful entrepreneurs. Co-founder of Vyve and business strategist of Penalty Box Fit, which generated $2.5M+ in revenue & was featured in Men's Health as "Top Fitness Products of the Year".

Bob Proctor, Content Partner
Has been the foremost authority in the personal and professional development field for more than half a century. Is widely regarded as the Godfather of personal development, and when it comes to mastering the mind – he is simply the best.

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A SAFE is an agreement between you—the investor—and the company in which the company promises to give you a future equity stake based on the amount you invested. It also involves some kind of a triggering event that must take place in order for you to get your future equity stake. Be careful as you may only get equity if a particular event is triggered.

Key Deal Facts

Established A Content Partnership With Bob Proctor & The Proctor Gallagher Institute.
Raised $100k Pre-Seed, Acquired 240+ Paid Users, & 50+ Positive Reviews.
CCO, Diane A. Worked with Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, the Secret, & Other Top Industry Names.
First to Market! There Are No Established Apps in Our LOA & Manifestation Niche Market .
Trending Personal Development Industry: 5.1% Annual Growth & $40B Dollar Market Opportunity!
Untapped Personal Development App Market: Low-Quality Competition & Tons of Organic Traffic.
Featured in CBS News, USA Today, NBC, and Fox News!
Everyone Who Lives by This Material Gets To Be Part of This Company Together! Unstoppable Energy.