Wild Orchid Bakery

Wild Orchid Bakery

Ssweet Trinidad island-style bakery with custom island pastries, gourmet donuts and custom cakes

Security Type
Revenue Sharing
Food & Bev
Min Investment
Manchester, NH
Offering Date
June 17, 2021
Target Raise
Security Price

Company Description

I sell baked goods but specialize in vegan and gluten free cakes, cupcakes, and island food. I want this to be your oasis and to enjoy your desserts and step away from the city hustle.


Early Investor Bonus-Investment multiple for the first $10,000 invested: 1.6×

Key Deal Facts

Trinidad Black Cake - Rum infused cake, traditional , island influenced.
Corn Soup - Vegan, healthy, organic vegetables, warms up the soul.
Gourmet Donuts - one of a kind, great reviews by foodies, now doing donut weddings with these gourmet donuts.
Custom Cakes - Unique to each client as I work with each person to learn their likes and dislikes. This is why I love my job. Meeting so many amazing people and families along the way make it worth it.
Supporting other small businesses in NH- By selling their goods and promoting their businesses through our page and website.
Helping those in need - I hope to build a donation and pay it forward system in store to help those in need and to help local families in need.

Use of Proceeds

  • Equipment : $16,100
  • Renovation & Build Out : $6,000
  • Capital : $7,500
  • Electrical & Plumbing : $14,000
  • Make Up Air Hood System : $35,000
  • Lease & Security : $6,000
  • Mainvest Compensation: $5,400

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Shelly-Anne Storer, Owner/Baker/Cake Designer/Pastry Chef
I have been in the baking world since I was a child. I did Home Economics in High School learning the basic methods of baking, pastries, creating menus for special occasions. It peaked my interest and I started baking for special holidays within my family.Once I graduated I pursued Business & IT but it did not keep my attention for long before I landed in the Hospitality Business. I worked as a bartender for 2 years and then went into the Realty business .As I got married and had my 2nd daughter, I decided to start a catering business in August 2008. I have been baking ever since.The pursuit to happiness led me to moving to the United States in late 2015. I soon went to work in a retirement home where I was the only baker. I saw items going faster than I could produce them and compliments were coming in daily from the dining hall from many guests of the lovely residents.My heart was set on getting back into the professional cake world so I jumped ship and went to work for a local bakery as a Cake Designer in 2018. Due to Covid19 they closed permanently.I have been in this field for over 10 years and every year brings new challenges that I try to adapt to and go with the flow of what my clientele needs are.

Joshua Serrao , Part Time Baker
Pastry , Cake Decorating , experienced in Trinidad cuisine .With over 6 years baking experience Joshua has focused on pursuing his diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts with a focus on pastries, arts, chocolate work , cake decorating and lamination.He is also skilled in warehouse operations, customer service, retail sales , open mind and team spirit.
Amount Raised : $20,000
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