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Salt River Brewstillery

Salt River Brewstillery

Minority woman and veteran owned BREWSTILLERY producing micro beer and spirits.

Security Type
Revenue Sharing
Min Investment
Phoenix, AZ
Offering Date
June 21, 2021
Expected Close Date
September 19, 2021

Company Description

Salt River Brewstillery is a 1.5 BBL brewhouse with 8-10 fermenters and an 80-gallon copper pot still and 60-gallon wood foeder. We love to push the limit on what beer and spirits can be! Our small batch size allows us to do just that. We do not have "flagship" beers that are continuously brewed over and over again, instead most of our beers will be brewed only one time in small batches. Some will return to be brewed again in the future and others will only be brewed once and be gone forever. We will have 20 beer taps to serve our beers as well as other beers from around the world, but like our own beer, we will not continually serve the same beers from the same breweries. 

Key Deal Facts

We are a high-margin, high growth company with close to 90% margin on our own beer and spirits
We are a small brewhouse specializing in craft "one-off" beer and spirits (2 BBL and under batches)
Our small size allows us to experiment and develop new techniques and bring back long forgotten ones
We host a weekly video to educate our customers and bring positive attention to our business.
We seek to educate a curious consumer with "Learn to Brew Days" and through guided spirit tastings.
Our focus is to be a Public House as a social gathering place for our community with a brewstillery.
By having a large whisk(e)y selection in our tap room, we will have the largest selection in Arizona
We are a minority woman and veteran owned brewstillery (brewery+distillery) and whiskey/cocktail bar

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Michael Adamski, Founder & Head Brewer
I have 10 years experience in brewing/distilling and over 10 years experience in law enforcement. I traveled the world learning brewing/distilling styles and techniques from some of the best in the industry. I am passionate about beer and whiskey.

Sue Adamski, Founder & Back Office
I immigrated to the USA from China and I graduated from ASU with my Bachelors in Math. I have a background in business and in the insurance industry. I feel as an Asian woman business owner it's important to help other women entrepreneurs succeed.

James "Sully" Sullivan, Founder & Manager
I am a veteran of the US Marine Corps and a retired law enforcement officer. Most of my career was spent in a managerial position. I have a strong knowledge of beer and whisk(e)y. I recently spent time in Scotland learning more about the industry.
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