The pioneer in telehealth for hearing loss, providing customized hearing aids and care for 70% less

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Common Stock
Technology, Consumer Goods & Products, Other, VC-Backed
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New York, NY
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April 30, 2025
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Key Deal Facts

$14M gross revenue run rate, $10M annually reoccurring. HQ'd in New York City Subscription revenue growing at 65%+ yoy, with over 4x LTV/CAC Team from MIT, Stanford, McKinsey, P&G, Bose & Bain Capital. 4 out of 5 VPs are former founders 4.7 star rating on 9,000+ reviews, $100M+ in saved hearing aid costs, 100,000+ better hearing ears $8B+ market with huge growth tailwinds from recent FDA deregulation towards Over-the-Counter (OTC) High capital efficiency: $7M raised from TIA Ventures, Howzat, Flatiron Health & Onemedical founders At cusp of EBITDA profitability. Projecting cash-flow positive by end of 2024 40%+ of recurring revenue from sticky partnerships with government programs (Veterans, Medicare/aid)

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

VC-Backed Raised $250K or more from a venture firm, $10M+ Revenue Earned over the last 12 months, Patrick Freuler CEO/FounderMIT Aerospace Engineering (B.Sc., M.Sc.). McKinsey consultant and Bain Capital investor. Bootstrapped and built Audicus from nothing in his living room. Avid marathoner and triathlete. Also swam around Manhattan once., Steve RomineCOOEE from Notre Dame; JD from Duke. 18 yrs at Bose Corp; operated Bose Health division focused on OTC hearing. Developed OTC strategy for Demant, multi-billion dollar hearing aid company. COO at Audicus; growing DTC business & new OTC retail verticals., Logan Munro CTOMIT Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.). Cofounder and Head of Engineering at Ringly (a16z-backed wearables company). Healthcare consultant at Rosetta (now Publicis). 7 years at Audicus, overseeing tech, product, systems, logistics and audiology., Andre Sequin CFOCornell undergraduate, Yale MBA. Head of equity research for the Internet space at RBC. Former founder of companies in tech and CPG. VC investment committee and advisory committee at BIG. Member of the U.S. Masters Field Hockey team.

Amount Raised : $291,655
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