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Common Stock
Real Estate
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Offering Date
June 15, 2021
Expected Close Date
March 05, 2024
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Company Description

Consumer Cooperative Group Inc., is a multi-division cooperative corporation created for the purpose of truly leveling the financial investment playing field across several major industries by looking for like-minded individuals who want to move away from the traditional ways of investing and create a flexible yet affordable investing pooling platform for real estate and other investing opportunities that can be leveraged by pooling the financial resources of a mass cooperative membership base of non-accredited & accredited investors. The creation of this financial pooling platform is a direct path to Wall Street, the only place for us to take control of our financial power and community change on our terms.

Key Deal Facts

Consumer Cooperative Group Inc., will give a real choice, flexibility and affordable investment options back to the common investor.
Current statistics show about 90% of the population are non-accredited investors, that were excluded from making early equity investments into privately held start-ups.
This percentage includes, an incredibly large demographic, that is made up of low-to-middle class Black American families with young and teenage children, who do not have an affordable and/or consistent method to create generational wealth through real estate ownership, in order to pass down to future generations and are all but forgotten by most investment institutions.
We aim to empower these investors by giving them a suitable, affordable and non-traditional real estate investment option through our methodology of COOPONOMICS™.

Use of Proceeds

  • When you invest $500-$999 you will receive 5 years of active cooperative membership, a CC Group Member Embroidered logo left chest T-Shirt for free and the founder of the company will be gifting an additional 50 million of his own personal shares to be equally divided amongst the first 2500 investors who take advantage of this offering early. The additional shares equate to 20,000 on top of the original investment. This bonus is separate and cannot be combined with other bonuses.
  • When you invest $1000 or more, you will recieve a CC Group Member Embroidered logo left chest T-Shirt, lifetime membership with our cooperative and lifetime profit sharing in all the multifamily real estate assets the cooperative acquires during this offering and any additional real estate assets it acquires in the future. Profit sharing is based on a per share basis, the more shares you obtain, the larger your portion. This bonus is separate and cannot be combined with other bo

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Tanen Andrews, Founder & CEO
As an entrepreneur, he has spent the last two decades investing in and renovating millions of dollars of single and mulitfamily homes that benefited the subsidized housing market in Southwest Dallas, while educating the community about how to properly set up and structure business entities and instilling the importance of the financial power of pooling capital resources for financial independence.

Tomica Hogg- Andrews, President
Mrs. Andrews experience is in real estate investment, property management and renovations date back to 2003 where she played a key supporting tole in assisting her spouse, in creating a subsidized housing market in the Southwest Dallas area for a neglected and underserved market of renters.
Amount Raised : $121,981
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